12 Easy Ways To Childproof Your Home

Kids are interested in everything and anything and you need eyes in the back of your head to make sure they’re not doing anything they shouldn’t but with these simple tips you can childproof your home to prevent and accidents:

1 – Use covers in plug sockets to prevent tiny hands from sticking their fingers inside, pouring liquids on or inserting objects. They’re cheap, highly effective and one less thing you have to worry about.

2 – Baby gates are a lifesaver when it comes to keeping the little ones from wondering too far! Works great for pets too, always a good idea to have them at the top/bottom of the stairs for peace of mind.

3 – Keep most things out of reach. We know this is easier said than done but it’s all too easy for kids to grab things that they shouldn’t so make use of storage, especially if it’s high up and out of reach for kids.

4 -Be familiar with your hot water settings. Kids splashing in the bath could easily scald themselves by fiddling with the hot water tap so it’s a good idea that you keep the settings low (if on an adjustable unit) or put a stopper over the tap.

5 – Keep the bathroom and kitchen doors closed at all times. These are the 2 rooms that house the most hazards so left unsupervised kids could cause themselves a lot of damage.

6 – Keep an eye on heavy objects around the home. It’s all too easy for a toddler to reach up and have a bookcase come toppling over them so ensure they are screwed it to the wall or adjusted securely.

7 – Keep all non-edible items on high shelves. Kids are naturally curious and brightly coloured laundry detergent is all too tempting to taste.

8 – Tie up cords. This includes any electrical wires, window blind cords and anything else that a child could wrap around their neck. Not only will they keep your home safe but they will make your space more tidy and minimal too.

9 – Get a window blocker so that your windows don’t open all the way. You’ll still be able to have your windows open to get some fresh air but the gap will be small enough that a tiny person won’t be able to fit through.

10 – Create a safe space away from anything dangerous that you can safely leave your baby or toddler in whilst you’re on the phone or cooking. A gated area or play pen can be essential for when you can’t give them your undivided attention.

11 – Keep corners safe. A newly walking toddler can easy hit their head on a sharp table corner so cover these in protective foam so that any mishaps won’t be too painful.

12 – Steer clear of tablecloths. They might look pretty but kids love to pull these (and the objects on them) down so it’s much safer to just leave tables bare and not too too much on them.

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