15 Household Items You Shouldn’t Be Cheap With

We’re all trying to save a little here and there but there are just some things you need to splurge on!

1 – Kitchenware

When it comes to cutlery and a good knife set you want quality over quantity – you need things that are going to last and stand the test of time.

2 – Mattress and bedding

Think about it; we spend 50% of our lives in bed so we need to ensure that we’re doing that in comfort. A cheap bed can lead to back pain and other ailments so it’s well worth the investment.

3 – Sunscreen

SPF is essential all your round and with cheaper brands you can’t be sure that you’re getting the protection you need.

4 – White goods

It’s worth the initial investment to get appliances that are going to last, and come with a warranty should anything go wrong.

5 – Boiler

Getting a good boiler is essential to keep your home ticking over and a modern, energy efficient boiler will save you hundreds, if not thousands in bills.

6 – Paint

A good quality will be easier to apply, cover existing wallpaper/paint with less effort and not make your house smell bad. It’s also worth spending a little more on quality paint for a better selection of shades, too.

7 – Toilet paper

We don’t talk about it often enough but good quality paper is worth the investment! You will use less in the long run and it’s softer on your skin.

8 – Sofa

A trendy corner sofa can be eye-wateringly expensive but great craftmanship doesn’t come cheap and a well made sofa will last you year after year. Just think of all the use it’s going to get!

9 – Tools

Having a toolkit around the home is always handy so splash out on a decent set that won’t break or rust when it’s time to do some DIY.

10 – Vacuum cleaner

In order to keep a tidy home a vacuum cleaner is essential and if you spend a little more for a branded one, you’ll get a warranty, a cleaner home and it will look better as most modern vacuum cleaners are now pretty compact or foldable.

11 – Front door

Your safety should always be a priority and a well made front door could be the difference between a burglar breaking in or not.

12 – Security system

Don’t skimp when it comes to CCTV or a camera doorbell, these devices record motion and noise so are crucial when it comes to visitors.

13 – Baby items

Your children are your most precious possessions so when it comes to ribs, baby monitors and other devices it’s worth spending a little extra.

14 – Pet supplies

Cat litter, pet food and flea and worm tablets are essential for pet owners and the quality stuff really is worth the price. Buy in bulk to get a discount and shop around for the best deals.

15 – Electricals

It’s very tempting to buy cheap electricals from abroad but they can be a huge safety hazard so it’s always worth the investment of buying quality items.

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