How To Easily Add Value To Your Home

Selling your home is stressful enough without dealing with potential buyers trying to knock down the price. With these simple hacks you can add value to your home and make sure you get what you deserve:

Clean, clean and clean some more

Your home should be visually appealing in all aspects and that starts with cleanliness; make sure every room is free of clutter, there’s no visible dirt or mould and it could be worth giving walls a wash down too. Throw some subtle reed diffusers around to make your home smell inviting too, these small things make a huge difference.

Fix any visible defects

If you have paint peeling off the wall, a broken lightswitch or a bath/shower that needs re-sealing now is the time to do all those niggly things that you’ve been putting off. A clean, well presented home that needs little to no work doing to it is very appealing for a buyer.

Make sure your home smells amazing

The kitchen and bathroom especially should be clean and smell fresh, but it’s also a good idea to buy a linen spray to make your bed sheets smell good too. Smell can have a huge impact on how we feel about something and if a home smells fresh and clean it could swing the decision for someone to place an offer or not.

Double glaze the windows

Make your home more energy efficient and block out noise pollution with double glazing, it’s also a great way to make your home look a lot more modern without having to spend too much.

Replace doors

Another great way of making your home look more modern, increasing security and improving the overall look of your home is by replacing any doors that need it. Doors are fairly cheap so make sure they all match, don’t squeak and fit nicely into where you’re putting them.

Replace all light bulbs

There’s nothing worse than a dimly lit room because the light bulb has gone; it’s such an easy way of brightening up the place and it gives your buyers peace of mind that they won’t have to worry about changing them.

Give the garden a makeover

A great way of maximising your outdoor space is by giving your garden a makeover; remove any damaged or unusable furniture, mow and treat the lawn and add a burst of colour with some easy to manage flowers or plants. Give any patio space a jet wash and get rid of any weeds, you’ll be amazed at just how great your garden can look with a little care.

Maximise space

The one thing that can really put off buyers, is clutter so make sure anything you’re not using is stored out of the way and your home isn’t littered with knick-knacks which could put off a potential buyer. Invest in smart storage solutions so that everything has a place and keep all surfaces free of junk, a shoe rack is also a great idea and keeps floor space free too.

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