How To Paint A Room Like A DIY Pro

Giving your walls a fresh coat of paint is the easiest way of updating your home and it doesn’t have to cost a bomb by hiring a painter and decorator, either. Here we give you all the tips you need to paint your room like a DIY pro:

Prep and prime is essential

One of the most time consuming aspects of painting a room is all the prep involved and while it may seem tedious it’s worth the time and investment as it can have a massive effect on the finish product. Steam any old wallpaper off and be sure to cover furniture with protective wrapping and don’t forget to use masking tape on skirting boards and light switches.

Have a vision of the finished product

If you want a standout feature wall or if you’re going for bold colour combinations it’s good to have a clear idea of what you want it all to look like. Some shops can do a mock up or you can grab some samples and test them out to see how they would look. There are many apps where you can upload a photo to get a good look at how your new look will turn out.

Choose your colours wisely

It’s always worth getting some samples to see how the shades you’ve chosen are going to look before you take the plunge and get painting. While you may have the vision, it might not look as good as you think! There are apps that can show you how your room with look with different colours and there are plenty of guides online which will tell you which colours compliment each other. Always stick to light colours in small rooms to make the space appear bigger.

Take your time

When painting, it’s all too easy to get bored and try and apply thick layers to get the job done quicker but this will result in a shoddy final result, streaks and bubbles which will mean you will have to re-do the whole lot. Use plenty of masking tape, take your time and invest in quality paint and tools so you get the best finish possible.

Invest in quality paint

There is a plethora of paint brands on the market these days and while it’s tempting to save some money by going for a cheaper brand you will pay the price in the long run as the finish won’t be as good, you’ll need to do more layers and the shade selection might not be what you’re looking for. Also, keep in mind if you’re painting a child’s room you want to go for a paint that doesn’t give of harmful fumes.

Don’t be distracted

When you’ve set your mind to painting, clear your diary, put on some music and get the job done in sections so that it has time to dry and you’ll be less likely to have streaks or an uneven layer. Set aside enough time for each stage, take your time and don’t rush by cutting corners or adding too much paint instead of going step by step.

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