The 10 Most Common Home Improvements

Updating your home can be quite a costly experience so if you’re looking to make some home improvements but want to keep costs down, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top 10 most common home improvements:

1 – New kitchen

An easy way of keeping costs down when purchasing a new kitchen is by buying all the units yourself and sourcing your own fitter, rather than using a company than does all this for you and charges you a premium for the convenience.

2 – New bathroom

Again, like with a kitchen a great way of keeping costs down is by buying your suite from a wholesaler and finding your own fitter. It’s worth reading reviews or finding tradesmen from a recommendation to ensure you’ll get good service.

3 – Installing a new boiler or heating system

This is a great way of updating your home and increasing the selling value, as well as making heating more economic as the newer systems are cheaper to run and better for the environment.

4 – Giving the garden a make-over

New lawns, a fresh flowerbed and covering over any ugly patches with a paved patio can make a huge difference to your outside space.

5 – Installing double glazing

New windows can totally transform how your house looks and is also great for keeping noise pollution out and heating in. The right windows can instantly update a home and make it look fresh and modern as well as letting in more light with clever designs.

6 – Building an extension

A great way of adding value to a property is by adding an extensions, either on the back of the property or by building up. You can add 2 new rooms and an additional bathroom in a loft extension.

7 – Knocking through rooms

A separate kitchen and dining room is quite dated so knocking these rooms through not only makes the space look bigger but is also a great way of making your property look more modern.

8 – Fitting solar panels

You may have seen these on homes already but solar panels are increasing in popularity due to how they can bring your energy bills down and of course they’re great for the environment. While it may seem like a bit outlay, the money you will save in the long run is well worth it.

9 – Getting a loft conversion

A loft conversion is a great way of adding extra rooms and an additional bathroom and can add quite a bit of value to your property if you’re looking to sell in the near future. Think neutral, sleek designs and keep the space light and airy.

10 – Adding an extra bedroom

This may be tricky if you don’t have the space or the structural support but knocking a wall through or being clever with your current space and adding an extra bedroom is a great way of adding value to your home and giving it a makeover.

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