What Kind Of Plants Work Best In Your Home

There’s nothing more inviting than walking into a home that is filled with fragrant and gorgeous plants, they really do provide a breath of fresh air. Gone are the spider plants are the 70’s, now plants are used as stand out decorative features that really bring a room to life.

If you’re not the most green fingered and are worried that you’ll kill them off, we have you covered. The plants featured here are easy to find, won’t take much care and will survive in most environments.

Kentia Palm

This is quite an impressive looking plant that looks great up against a bare wall as the long leaves will cast beautiful shadows. This plant quite enjoys shade so is good for a space that doesn’t get much light and it won’t die easy in difficult conditions.

Corn Plant (Dracaena fragrans)

This is a plant for those who want to give minimal fuss and attention as it really doesn’t need much to thrive. This plant also doesn’t need much light and will continue to grow big and strong with a bit of care every now and again.

Snake Plant

This is a great plant for beginners at it doesn’t need much care at all and won’t die due to neglect! This plant is said to be good for those who have trouble sleeping as it released oxygen at night which could help you to drift off. The gorgeous leaves would be a stand out feature in any room.

Peace Lily

This is a great choice if you have a dark corner in your home that you want to brighten up as this plant doesn’t require much light at all and produces gorgeous, year round flowers. The soft, dark green leaves are quite impressive to look at and will be the focal point of a room.


This is quite a popular house plant thanks to the large, heart shaped leaves and really brightens up a room. These plants are quite easy to care for and require minimum effort, just keep an eye on their light levels and give them just the right amount of water. This plant can grow to be quite large so would work well in a big open space where it can really thrive.


This is a great plant to have in a room decorated in more neutral tones as the dramatic black leaves will bring a pop of life and colour to the space. Easy to look after it, this plant doesn’t require much in terms of light, just keep it watered and it will grow and thrive right before your eyes.


This sweeping, elegant plant will make any space look amazing and doesn’t take much effort. It will thrive in any environment you put it in and won’t require much light at all, although it will start to shrivel a little when it needs some attention but as long as you can spot the signs you will be able to keep this plant for years and years.

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